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Training to be a goose dog - click for larger photo Border Collie staring at geese - click for larger photo

Goose Masters uses dogs that have been bred, raised and trained by Kuykendall's Border Collies for all of their goose management needs. The Kuykendall family has been actively involved with World Class Border Collies for over 40 years. Their goal is to produce dogs that have a good work ethic - Border Collies with a strong desire and intensity to work, however long the hours or tedious the job, while exhibiting a nice, outgoing temperament.

Border Collie training with geese - click for larger photo Our goose dogs love to jump into the lake to get rid of geese - click for larger photo


Our dogs love to swim, which is extremely important when it comes to getting rid of pesky geese. Not all Border Collies make great goose dogs because they simply don't get in the water. All the Border Collies used by Goose Masters are healthy, sound and have stable, outgoing predictable temperaments. Goose Masters' dogs and handlers are even matched so that they complement one another.

Border Collies enjoy swimming - click for larger photo

Let's meet some of the goose dogs:


This enthusiastic individual with a balanced work ethic, works equally well on land and in the water. Trained and run as an Open Level Trial dog, finishing in the top 10 at the Nursery Finals.







Don't let her small petite size fool you; dynamite comes in small packages. All our employees would love Penny in their vehicle. Definitely worth more than a penny!







Laz exhibits the same finesse, style and wonderful temperaments both her Father (Bill) and Grandfather (Wilson's Roy) possessed. She is daughter to the only second generation Purina Herding Dog of the Year. Our top demonstration dog, Laz has also run in the Nursery Finals and Open Trials.






His name is Evin Rude (like the top of the line motor boat), but we call him Evin for short. He is an extremely strong swimmer, works well in cold water, and long hours of swimming have no negative affects on this energetic, spirited dog.






Another strong, powerful swimmer, she'll crash into even the coldest, roughest water, never to be intimidated. Yet on land she uses just enough eye and presence, easing around even the busiest high traffic areas.





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