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Goose Masters World Class Dog Handlers have raised, trained, and handled 3 National Champions, winning the 1995 Purina Herding Dog of the Year, the 2000 Working Border Collie Herding Dog of the Year, as well as the 2000 National Nursery Champion.

Triad Area

Kent Kuykendall

When you hire Goose Masters to handle your goose problems, you get the expertise of President Kent Kuykendall. His life’s work has encompassed his passion for the Border Collie for over forty years. Descending from three generations of shepherds.


In the world of sheepdog trialling, there are few who are as gifted as Kent Kuykendall. Both dogs and competitors in the venue adore the man. Handlers travel from all over the U.S. to spend time training with Kent. His sense of humor, sly smile and dry wit – along with his wealth of information – have him dubbed in the Border Collie world as a “people person” sheepdogger extraordinaire!


All of these qualities make Kent the absolute best at handling Goose Masters’ dogs for efficient goose management In addition, these traits result in a man who is unsurpassed in training Goose Masters employees and the other Goose Masters branch owner's to work with the dogs and an absolute joy for you to deal with in removing geese from your property.

Triangle Area

Mike Cardella

Mike is no stranger to border collies, as a child, Mike would visit and work on his grandfather’s farm in western Pennsylvania. Border Collies and livestock were a big part of the operation. Mike is a 2005 graduate of West Virginia University with a BS in Physical Education. In 2006 Mike started working for Goosemasters. Mike’s experience, work ethic and dedication to the company soon became obvious.


After working under and training with Kent for about three years, it was without hesitation, that when the opportunity presented itself, Mike form Goose Masters Triangle. A company that mimics the same quality of excellence that provides the customer with a more than satisfactory goose free environment that Mike and Goose Masters Triangle represents. Mike currently provides all areas of the Triangle with goose control services.

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