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Lots of goose deterrents have hit the market in a vain attempt to control these masked bandits. Laser lights, goose repellents, motion sensory squirt guns, sonic sound systems, electric fencing, patterns of ropes strung over ponds and lakes, fake “look alike” predators and even swans have been tried but they do NOT eliminate nor do they offer long term control of the Canada geese.

Other Methods




In fact, several of these goose deterrent methods of goose control can only be done at certain times of the day or seasons of the year. Other goose control methods have offensive sights, sounds and sensations that disrupt the serene natural environment of your lawn, site, pond, park, campus, or golf course. NONE of the other Canadian goose control methods are reliable and NONE offer continuous goose control like the services of a well trained Border Collie goose dog and its handler.


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