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Throughout the years preceding our contracting with Goose Masters, I had tried a variety of "solutions" to our goose problem, all were temporary solutions at best. I had researched many venues on the subject, and  the only solution recommended was the use of border collies.


Goose Masters has provided our corporate office with 7.5 acres of goose-free environment for the first time in 8 years. Previous to the contract we had groupings of geese in excess of 150 at a gathering, we now have 0.


Mr. Kuykendall and his border collies are low-key, non-intrusive and well-mannered. they are extremely professional and a joy to watch.  It is the humane way to handle the overpopulated goose issue.       -Starmount





To anyone who may be struggling to find a solution to a persistent problem with Canada geese we highly recommend Goose Masters.

As the property manager of, a residential community spread over 1,000 acres, containing 200 acres of green ways, miles of pathways and 3 lakes, we tried for years to find an answer to an extensive, ongoing problem with geese which practically made our homeowners common areas and outdoor amenities unusable.  After trying, unsuccessfully, to use both swans and other goose control companies, we were skeptical when Goose Masters guaranteed they could solve our problem.  Goose Masters has now provided goose control for us since March of 2009 and, in our opinion, has accomplished what we previously thought was an impossible task..... geese are no longer a problem for us.

                                                          -Garden View





Mallard experienced an on-going problem with geese which increased throughout the past several years.  After trying different

methods to rid the property of the geese without success we were introduced to Kent Kuykendall with Goose Masters.


On 8-31-04 Mallard entered into a contact with Kent to control our goose problem.  Almost immediately we noticed a drastic change.  Finally we are rid of the geese who made Mallard their home for years without affecting the ducks we wish to keep.


Kent has made a very conscientious effort to make sure our property is "goose free".  I would highly recommend his company for anyone who is experiencing a problem with geese.        -Mallard





Liberty owns and manages over two million square feet of class A office, industrial and flex space in the piedmont triad. Over the past several years, Canadian geese have become a significant nuisance to us and our tenants by creating waste in our parking lots and grounds and by damaging our properties.


Several months ago we began a relationship with Goose Masters. With years of Border collie experience and training, the Kuykendall Family is using there champion dogs to herd and remove Canadian geese from our properties. Our properties and grounds are being kept free of waste and damage. We are pleased that this can be done in a manner in keeping with the professionalism of our business park and in a way humane to the geese.


We are delighted with the work being performed by Goose Masters and are pleased to recommend them to other businesses in area.          -Liberty





I would like to thank you for your professional effort of removing the Canadian geese from our golf course. The club official and members were very appreciative of the humane manner in which you were able to ride us of our goose problem. my staff and I had tried every tactic available to get the geese to leave, but none had worked. It was a pleasure to watch you and the dogs as they responded to your commands wile working the geese. The Border Collies got the job done! Thanks again and we will be using you services again if needed.         -Colonial

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